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Definitions are as follows:

Buyer: the person, firm, or company who purchases the goods from the company

Company: Birmingham Aluminium Systems Limited, registered office 5 Albany Road, Coventry. CV5  6JQ. 

Contract: any contract between the Company and the Buyer for the sale and purchase of the goods

Goods: All Aluminium, UPVC products, and any other goods agreed in the Contract to be supplied to the Buyer by the Company. 

Conditions of Sale 

1. All the terms of the Contract between the Buyer and the Company are contained in this document. 

2. Additions or variations to the work specified in the Schedule supplied by the Company shall not have effect unless agreed in writing under the signature of duly authorized personnel of the company. 

3. The Buyer shall grant the Company employees access to the premises at reasonable times for the purposes of taking measurements and of carrying out the work specified. 

4. The balance payable on completion referred to on the schedule / order form shall be paid to the  Company upon completion of the installation. Payment shall be in cash or by Transfer or money order made payable to Birmingham Aluminium Systems Ltd and crossed A/C Payee only. The Buyer shall not be entitled to withhold payment by reason of any alleged minor defect. The company will investigate any alleged defect after payment in full or the balance payable on completion. 

5. All window samples and display units are used to demonstrate a typical window and its composition.  All window(s) and door(s) shown in the Schedule will be measured and manufactured in the way considered suitable by the Company, and pursuant to the Company’s policy of continuous improvements to its products, it reserves the right to make any necessary modifications. 

6. The Company Guarantees to repair or replace free of charge any part of the window or door framing material that becomes defective as a result of faulty materials or workmanship within a period of ten years from the completion date. All locking mechanisms, friction stays, hinges, handles, letterboxes, and door knockers are guaranteed for one year only from the date of installation. It is the Buyers responsibility to ensure that all such locking mechanisms are regularly lubricated. The Company will not accept any responsibility whatsoever should the Buyer not adhere to the foregoing recommendation. 

7. Whilst the glass used is the best available, glass manufacturers will not give guarantee’s covering minor imperfections and the Company cannot be held responsible for such imperfections nor can the  Company be held responsible for natural phenomena with sealed unit double glazing, such as Glass  Express. All sealed units carry the Manufacturers normal 5-year Guarantee. 

8. The Company Guarantee excludes damage or faults due to accident, misuse or neglect. 

9. The Company undertakes to use its best endeavors to adhere to any delivery period quoted to the  Buyer, but time shall not be of the essence of the Contract and the Company shall not be liable for any consequential loss, of any delay in installation caused by accident, fires, strikes, lock-outs, shortage of materials or other causes beyond the Company’s control. 

10. The Company will make good any damage caused in the course of installation to plaster, floors,  rendering or brickwork immediately surrounding any window or door installed but cannot be held  responsibility for non-matching through weathering to existing materials. The Company does not undertake to provide matching ceramics or other tiles or to match surrounding wallpaper or paintwork which may have been damaged. The Company accepts no responsibility for any damage resulting from structural or other defects in the property at which the installation was carried out. If this is agreed in the contract.

11. Any complaint or claim by the Buyer for compensation for damage done by the Company for which it may be liable under these terms and conditions must be made in writing to reach the Company within 48  hours of installation in default of which the Company will accept no liability therefore. 

12. Upon the signing by the Buyer and a duly authorized representative of the Company of the agreement a binding contract will be created in respect of the order details of which are given in an order or schedule sheet and such a contract shall not be subject to cancellation by the Buyer although the  Company reserve the right to cancel any order by refunding all monies paid upon receipt of an unsatisfactory survey report from its Surveyor or in the event of unsatisfactory credit references (should they be required) being obtained in respect of the Buyer. Without prejudice to its right to claim damages for breach of contract the Company may at its sole discretion in appropriate cases agree to the cancellation of an order by the Buyer upon the payment to the Company of all expenses incurred by it prior to the day of cancellation. 

13. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to ensure planning permission is obtained if applicable. 14. No guarantees will be issued until payment is received in full. 

15. All goods remain the property of Birmingham Aluminium Systems Limited until paid for in full. 16. These conditions apply to all units detailed to any Quotations or Order forms. 

17. A deposits are required against all trade sales / Retail Sales to the amount of 50% before orders can be processed. 

18. The deposit as outlined above is payable to the Company by the Buyer prior to processing the order for the goods to fulfill the contract. 40% of the final balance is due 24 hours prior to installation, and the remaining 10% of the final balance must be paid in full on completion of the installation. 


Supply only goods must be paid in full on order.

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