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Unique Ways to Use Your Conservatory

Conservatories, orangeries or garden rooms are stunning home features; often filling your Birmingham or Solihull home with beauty and light (when UK weather permits!).

During the colder months, you can still continue to enjoy and use these rooms if you create a warm, cosy and inviting conservatory space. Here are some ways in which you can use your conservatory all year round.

How can you transform your conservatory and use it in a different way?

Add some home decor

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your conservatory, but not necessarily change its function, then why not add some new home decor and furnishings to complete it.

  • Hang curtains or blinds

  • Add a touch of warm lighting

  • Add decorative rugs and cosy textures

  • Minimise draughts

  • Add seasonal accessories and scents

However, when it comes to deciding how you will use your conservatory room, this can be a difficult task. Some people don’t define the space, while others prefer more purpose. Here are some unique uses for your conservatory space.

Extra bedroom for guests

This is certainly not a conventional use of conservatory space. But, it’s practical so, why not? A conservatory is effectively like having an additional room in your house, which means it can be turned into a bedroom when guests are staying over.

There are a variety of options here. You can choose to transform your conservatory into a fully functional bedroom or disguise it by purchasing a sofa bed. If you want to use this space as a bedroom, make sure that you’ve considered the security, other furnishings as well as privacy blinds and heating.

Fun-filled games or playroom

If you have children, or regularly host an epic games night at yours, then you can consider turning your conservatory into a full-time games room. By separating your conservatory games room from your main living space, you can keep your lounge for relaxing, whilst your children enjoy their playroom separately.

By having a designated ‘play/ games’ area, you can also ensure that there’s storage space for toys and games.

Dining room for entertaining guests

Unfortunately, we’re not all lucky enough to have a separate room for dining in our homes, however, you can create this inside your conservatory.

Depending on the size of your conservatory, and how often you host dinner parties, it will depend on whether you have your dining table as a focal point or fold away option.

Greenhouse for your plants

Have you become a bit of a plant-aholic recently? If your houseplant game is strong, then dedicating your conservatory as a greenhouse or plant room is a great option.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to become more self-sufficient and grow your own food, then a conservatory is the perfect place to grow a variety of fruit and vegetables.

With a conservatory, you can regulate the temperature and it is also more convenient as you don’t need to step outside to water your plants. The only other element to consider is ventilation. Particularly in the summer months, temperatures can rise due to the amount of sunlight flooding through the glass. It’s key to install blinds that will help block out sunlight when required to prolong the life of your plants.

Relaxation room

Another use for your conservatory is creating a dedicated room to relax in with suitable seating. By choosing the right comfortable furniture, you can sit back and unwind after a long day. Maybe even looking out into your garden, whilst scented candles burn and flicker away.

To add further atmosphere to your relaxed conservatory space, you can have lavender plants to make the room smell nice and help bring a little calm in.

Home office space

Increasingly, we’re all working from home and if you don’t have a fixed office space elsewhere in your home, your conservatory can make a good contender. The main consideration if you’re looking to transform your conservatory into a home office space is the blinds and heating source.

When light floods through your conservatory windows, you want to make sure that there isn’t a glare on your computer screen. By fitting blinds, you can help manage the brightness in the room.

Similarly, with needing to manage light in your conservatory, another consideration is regulating the temperature. In the summer, it can heat up quickly but in the winter the temperature can plummet; it’s all about finding a middle ground with a plug-in heater, fan or air conditioning.

Storage room

Is storage space a problem in your home? Sometimes, even with a loft, you still don’t have enough room for all your belongings. If this is the case, a conservatory is an ideal place to store your things.

If you purchase additional furniture such as storage cupboards or even hidden storage options like coffee tables, TV units and footstools.

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