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The Benefits of Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Folding doors are becoming an increasingly popular choice of door by homeowners in the UK. They are a wonderful addition to any property and provide a stunning contemporary environment to work, rest and play in. There are so many different benefits for adding bi-fold doors to your home, from practicality to convenience and functionality. We are going to discuss some of the benefits in more detail in this article. So if you are contemplating adding bi-folding doors to your space, we are sure we will be able to convince you with all the reasons why they are a great choice.

Maximising Light

Arguably the most noticeable benefit to adding bi-folding doors to your home is how they maximise the amount of natural light that is allowed into your home. With the ceiling to floor design, the large windows allow plenty of natural light in even when they are closed. When they are open, there are no barriers to the amount of light that is allowed in. If you have noticed an area in your home that is unnecessarily dark even when it is bright outside, it could be due to your windows not allowing a lot of light in. If you install bi-fold doors, you’ll see tons of natural light flooding through.

Low Maintenance

Cleaning your windows is a chore and unfortunately, bi-fold doors will still need to be cleaned. However, due to them being one glass pane from ceiling to floor, this makes them much easier and simpler to clean. The process of cleaning these windows is a much easier process compared to other windows, as they dont have multiple panes or frames.


Bi-fold doors fold into a much smaller space compared to sliding doors. Their design means that it allows for a more complete breakdown of the barrier between the inside and outside of your home. The doors form into a neat stack which easily allows your guests and family to roam around the inside and outside of your home. The collapsibility of the doors will depend on the amount of panels. This makes it easy for you to choose whatever is best for the space you have.


As mentioned above, bi-fold doors take up very little space when they are folded back. This style of door concertinas back onto itself which then allows you to completely open up your wall, a great benefit if you have a small indoor space. They are a perfect compact door solution if you have a small amount of space but want to increase the natural flow of your home.

Enhanced Security

Security is often one of the reasons as to why people are put off installing bi-fold doors in their homes. It is assumed that due to it being large panes of windows, they are less secure than a sash window or a solid door. However, this isn’t the case. Bi-fold doors offer great security to homeowners with many different security elements to them. There are locking systems spread over multiple points of the sliding tracks. They feature either double or triple glazing and have high security tracks, so rest assured that bi-fold doors will keep your house safe.

Energy Efficient

Bi-fold doors are specifically designed and manufactured with energy efficiency at the forefront of their minds. The design of the doors themselves added with the double or triple glazing means that they are designed to keep the heat in your home for longer. Consequently, your energy bill will be reduced- saving you money!

Bringing In the Outdoors

Bi-fold doors can open up fully, allowing a complete breakdown of the wall between the interior and exterior of your home. This is a great way of opening up your home and bringing the outdoors in. It allows great access to your garden and provides a seamless transition between your outdoor space and the inside of your home. Bi-fold doors are great for hosting summer parties, letting guests transition easily from the inside of your home, to the BBQ in the sunshine! We know what the weather is like in the UK, so even when the weather is bad, you can still enjoy your garden from the comfort of inside.


Bi-fold doors are an excellent way to add style to your home. Alongside with the benefits we have already discussed, bi-fold doors add a modern and luxurious feel to your home. They have an elegant design, with a seamless opening action and are a great addition to any home. With a range of styles and hundreds of colours to choose from, you can make the decision for them to match the rest of your home or stand out to make a statement.


Bi-fold doors are modern and luxurious, but this doesn’t mean that they are only suitable for modern homes. With the range of styles, configurations and designs available, they can look great in traditional homes too. Bi-fold doors enhance homes of any size including bespoke designs that can suit unconventional layouts.

Birmingham Aluminium Services Ltd

If you are looking for bi-fold doors in Birmingham and surrounding areas, Birmingham Aluminium Services Ltd are here for you. We specialise in creating, manufacturing and installing the perfect bi-folding doors for both contemporary and commercial buildings. Please get in touch with our expert team on 0121 726 3201 or fill out our online enquiry form.

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