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Guide To Different Types of Conservatory

Conservatories come in all shapes and sizes. However, there are some key styles and different types of conservatory designs that are commonly built.

We hope that this overview will give you a better understanding of the different types, allowing you to decide which would suit your property best.

What are the different types of conservatory?

Victorian conservatory

This style of conservatory has a ridged roof with a multi-faceted wall that creates a rounded effect.

Edwardian or Georgian conservatory

Similar to the Victorian style, the Edwardian conservatory has a ridged roof that is combined with a rectangular base and flat front. It gives that classic feel of the Victorian style, but in comparison, it has greater available space.

Gable conservatory

This type of conservatory is characterised by its roof. It has been designed so that the ridged roof meets the gabled end. This results in clean lines that suit modern homes. With this style of conservatory, it also doesn’t slope back to the centre, instead, it stays upright. This creates a greater feeling of height.

Lean-to conservatory

This style of conservatory is also known as Mediterranean style or a sunroom, and on our list, it’s the most simple design. The prominent features of this design include the single-sloped roof that adjoins the house on the longest wall. This design is particularly useful for fitting into a corner area.

P, L, T or U shaped conservatory

With a P, L, T or U shaped conservatory, the options mean that they can be attached to almost any home.

The P shaped conservatory is effectively a mix between a lean-to and an Edwardian style conservatory, as this combination creates the ‘P’ shape. This style offers a great amount of space and additional living space that’s flexible.

Whereas, the T shaped conservatory differs in the sense that it extends across the width of a home. This type of conservatory is great for detached houses with large gardens.


Now, this style is a little different, it's almost halfway between an extension and a conservatory. Compared to an ordinary conservatory, it is much more substantial and usually includes some brickwork. Essentially, this design is a traditional design but with all the benefits of a modern conservatory.

Lantern roof conservatory

If you’re looking to create a feeling of space and a touch of luxury, then installing a glass lantern roof to the roof structure of a conservatory is the perfect option.

Tiled roof conservatory

Rather than a glass roof, which is more traditional, you can opt instead for a tiled roof. However, this does create a more extension-like feeling.

Off the wall conservatory

For this conservatory style, you can choose the material in the lower section. There are a few different options too. You can take the glass panels around the ground level, or even build a low-level wall. Usually, this is highly insulated to optimise comfort levels.

Custom conservatory

You can also create a custom or bespoke conservatory that is a unique design and tailored directly for your home and individual family needs.

Contact Birmingham Aluminium Systems

If you’re interested in improving your Birmingham or Solihull home by building a new conservatory, please get in touch with our specialist conservatory team today by calling us on 0121 726 3201, or filling out our online contact form, and we’ll be in touch.

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